The bros behind the games - stay awhile and get to know us.

  • Tom Jackson

    The versatile one

    Tom is a former multimedia producer at nytimes.com, a graphic designer, and an obsessive programmer. He is equally at home creating graphics in Photoshop, writing HTML/CSS in TextMate, or coding something up in XCode. He is constantly learning new and creative things to do with a computer, and hopes one day to know how to do everything.

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  • Jamie Jackson

    The artist

    Jamie is a former 6th grade math teacher, with degrees in mathematics and education. After teaching for two years and unashamedly dominating 12-year-olds in basketball during recess, he decided to professionally pursue art – something everyone else knew he should have done in the first place. He's always had a passion for art and music, and has taken it upon himself to learn and master 3D Studio Max. For music creation he uses Cubase 4.

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  • Miles Jackson

    The brainiac

    By day, Miles is a freelance web developer, and by night, he is a C++ superhero. His passion is learning what goes on under the hood, tuning and retuning code until it runs like a well-oiled machine. Graphics programming, with all its vectors and normals, sits atop his list of many loves. When he's not programming and dabbling in new languages, he likes to regularly dominate Jamie in basketball.

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  • Connor Jackson

    The game-creator

    Connor has been developing games since middle school, starting on a calculator, moving to flash, and now on the iPhone. He loves to bring creative ideas to life through code, primarily using Actionscript and C++. Although games are his specialty, he loves to get immersed in any programming project, only taking breaks to get time in on the basketball court.

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