War Tortoise

Go to war with the mighty War Tortoise!

April 8, 2016

Take control of the mighty War Tortoise, a heavy tank armed to the teeth with powerful weapons and automated turrets! Equip weapons, recruit units, build defenses, collect resources, and ultimately defend against a huge onslaught of enemy forces. Combining idle gaming, tower defense, and a shooter, War Tortoise is a unique mix of gaming that anyone can enjoy!

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  • Unique mix of a shooter, idle game, and tower defense!
  • Incredible 3D graphics – watch as a huge war unfolds before your eyes like never before!
  • HUGE scale battles!
  • Tons of units, upgrades, and defenses to discover!
  • Customize your play style with powerful Perks!
  • Discover 8 new worlds with different times of day and weather!
  • Dozens of unique enemy types!
  • Prestige to new heights, giving huge gameplay bonuses!
  • Auto-Play mode!

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