New York Zombies

Fight off hordes of zombies in this action-packed 3D shooter, set in post-apocalyptic New York.

September 28, 2012

New York Zombies is the first game we developed as a company, and while it was definitely a learning experience, we think it turned out pretty well. N.Y.Z. is a first-person defensive shooter for the iPhone or iPod touch that combines the appeal of a casual shooter with enough strategy to offer hours of replayability. With more than 20 unique and dynamic levels, 11 different enemy types, 2 game modes, detailed trophies, an online leaderboard, and a unique control style designed specifically for touch screens, this is definitely not another cookie-cutter zombie game. It is the first of what will be many quality games by Foursaken Media.

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What People are Saying…

  • “N.Y.Zombies is no doubt the best 3D Zombie shooter on the market. Forget Call Of Duty: World at War: Zombies, this is the game to have.”
  • “If you’re not normally one to take chances on games from little known developers, NY Zombies should be the game you break that habit with. It offers the same level of thrills as some of the big-name iPhone games (if not even more), and the lengthy campaign combined with the Endless mode will give you more than enough bang for your buck. NY Zombies is highly recommended.”
  • “N.Y.Zombies is exciting and exhilarating. If you’re looking for a zombie shooter game, this is definitely the one to get.”
    B (great)
  • “Featuring a number of weapons (upgradeable), over 20 highly detailed levels, and a detailed story line, N.Y. Zombies is one of the greatest zombie games on the App Store!”
  • “If Gameloft’s forthcoming, shameless Resident Evil rip-off and Bulkypix’s Undead: The Last Refuge are shaking in their boots right now, then good, they bloody well should be, because N.Y.Z is going to be one hell of a tough act to follow.”
  • “I have to admit, N.Y.Zombies has taken me by surprise. What looked on the surface to be a half-realized zombie shooting gallery turned out to be so compelling that I’m now behind on today’s work.”
  • “Switching between weapons is a snap, and there is a great feeling in unloading an uzi clip, switching to your boomstick to clear out nearby monsters, and then tossing a grenade at a slowly shambling clot of the undead.”