Heroes & Castles

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October 19, 2012

One part Action-RPG, one part Strategy, and one part Castle Defense, Heroes & Castles will immerse you in an epic battle like never before. Battle the enemy with one of three unique heroes, defend your castle to the death, summon units that fight alongside you, destroy over 20 enemy types, and much more! Follow us on Twitter for more updates!

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  • Choose from 3 unique heroes – level them up and learn new skills!
  • Summon a huge variety of allies to fight alongside you, including dwarfs, gians, peons, pikemen, catapults, and more!
  • Build and upgrade your castle, and defend it from the enemy!
  • Over 20 enemy types, from skeleton warriors, to mummies, ghouls, orcs, goblins, trolls, and more!
  • Be right there in the action – participate in huge battles that you control!
  • 2 player co-op!

What People are Saying…

  • “Foursaken’s Heroes and Castles does a great job of not only successfully melding third-person combat with tower/castle defense, but also creating a game with a great deal of replaybility via its heroes, upgrade system and online multiplay.”
  • “When the war horn sounds, your defenses fall, and a swarm of skeleton warriors rushes in to destroy your keep, Heroes & Castles is a pulse-pounding experience that is practically unmatched.”
  • “It’s hard *not* to have a good time with Foursaken Media’s latest third-person castle defense extravaganza.”
  • “A heroically good genre mashup.”
  • “Heroes and Castles is a great game with an excellent mixture of strategy, and action. It is an intense experience standing in the keep waiting to heal while skeletons wielding huge swords raze the walls. The fact that there is online coop multiplayer is awesome. Heroes and Castles gets my total recommendation.”
  • “For $1.99, this game is a steal… So what are you waiting for? Rush into the App Store and defend your kingdom!”
  • “With Heroes and Castles, what’s not to like?”
  • “Heroes and Castles puts you on the battlefield like no other game for iOS, and there’s just so much to enjoy that it’s a definite must buy.”

For the Press

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