Block Fortress: Empires

Build, Defend, Attack, Destroy

March 26, 2019

Welcome to the Blockverse – a mysterious and dangerous universe made out of cubes. You are alone here, and survival won’t be easy. Create your character, choose a planet, and build your home from more than 200 unique blocks. Set up your defenses using a variety of powerful turrets, robotic soldiers, and elaborate traps. Then gear up with a massive arsenal of equipment, and attack other players to earn huge rewards and intergalactic fame!

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  • Customize your character from an extensive list of body parts, colors, and accessories
  • Choose a planet that is tropical, frozen, volcanic, radioactive, desolate, or Earth-like
  • Build your home however you want using walls, decorations, zip lines, teleporters, statues, arcade games, and more
  • Defend your home with powerful turrets, robotic soldiers, and elaborate traps
  • Attack other players using a huge arsenal of sci-fi weapons and special items
  • Watch interactive replays of every battle
  • Team up with your friends by creating your own unique Empire
  • Experience a futuristic and blocky world with realistic lighting and detailed graphics

For the Press

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