Block Fortress

Build your fortress, and defend it to the end!

January 8, 2013

Block Fortress is a game that takes the freedom and creativity of block-builders, the strategy of tower defense, and the action of first-person shooters and combines them all into one totally unique gaming experience. It offers more than 30 different building blocks, 16 different turret blocks, and tons of additional items to build (including mining blocks, lumber blocks, storage crates, power generators, and much more). It also includes many different weapon and item upgrades for your character – all brought to bear against the relentless attacks of the Goblocks! Follow us on Twitter or check us out on Facebook for more updates!

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What People are Saying…

  • Editor’s Choice! – Apple
  • “Block Fortress is an fantastically unique and enjoyable experience with a surprising amount of depth due to its emphasis on your own creative mind.”
  • “… the newly released tower defense-meets-Minecraft game Block Fortress from Foursaken Media takes the elements that make the genre so popular and blows them the #%* up with a surprisingly complex combination of mining, strategy, defense, FPS and more.”
  • “It’s a very clever blend of genres, and the upgrade system will sink its hooks deep into every gamer. … the scope for experimentation in defenses make this a very compelling purchase from the very start.”
  • “Not only is Block Fortress great, but it does a wonderful job of catering to all three of its core game types. Fans of just about anything should definitely think about taking the $1.99 plunge.”
  • “Block Fortress takes the Minecraft idea into a warzone with turrets, goblins and guns. It is a fresh idea executed really well.”

For the Press

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